Clinical Nurse Leader
Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) are focused on the big picture in order to improve the quality of patient care in an organization. As a CNL you’ll oversee the care coordination of a distinct group of patients and actively provide direct patient care in complex situations.

Nurse Administrator
Nurse Administrators (NA) take on challenging executive-level roles within healthcare. Sometimes called the head nurse, NAs may work directly with staff and patients, overseeing care, while also working in a consultative or leadership role in administration.

Nurse Educator
As a Nurse Educator (NE), you’ll be responsible for mentoring and teaching the next generation of nurses. Working in the classroom and in the practice setting, you will prepare your nursing curriculum, create lesson plans, instruct, encourage and inspire future nurses.

Nurse Practitioner**
Advanced practice nurses have the expert knowledge base, decision-making skills, and clinical competencies needed to provide the highest quality patient care. As a nurse practitioner with a concentration in either adult or family 

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